The floor has been poured.

Panoramic interior shot with floor poured.
A panoramic shot of our new building with the floor pour in place.
End unit windows and floor pour
You can see where the windows are set for the end units mezzanines as well as the floor being poured and smoothed.
Pass doors are in place.
The pass doors are in place and the exterior is beginning to shine.

Tax benefits to moving your business to Quonset!

For businesses growing in or moving to North Kingstown, please note the following Real Estate Tax Phase-in Incentive that might be available to you!  This includes our Tradesman’s Center at Compass Circle!  Check it out!

NK Econ Dev Tax Incentive


Moving along!! If you’re wanting a couple of units without a demising wall, now is the time!

Great to see our new building up and going together!  You can see the mezzanine windows on the end units and where the haunches are going in for the demising walls.  The conduit that will be bringing electricity and communications to each unit is laid and so are the drain lines for the bathrooms.

If you’re thinking of combining two units, now is the time to let us know as the demising walls are masonry and will be difficult and expensive to take down later!

Come by and take a look!

DSC01410 DSC01407 DSC01411 DSC01413 DSC01416

Tax time savings!


Owning your business real estate can offer you a number of tax deductions.   You may be able to write off depreciation, condominium fees, interest and real estate taxes you pay on your property and end up owning an asset, as opposed to paying rent and having nothing when your lease is up.

This is a great opportunity to own your own shop!