Demising walls are being put in place.

The side partition demising walls go all the way to the beams.
Scaffolding is in place to allow workers to cement the block rows. You can see the #6 re-bar which runs through and secures the block.
The masons are busy at work!
This unit is mostly contained. The space under the back beam will be enclosed in fireproof sheetrock. The piping is for the fire sprinklers.
Two of our purchasers wanted a door between their units. If they had requested this after the walls were up, it would have been much more difficult to accommodate them.
There is only one block of four units left with no demising walls in place.
The purchaser for the end units will be putting a double door between his two units. So the end demising wall is awaiting the door frame.
It’ll be tough to use a credit card to get past these locks!


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